Psychologists, in Sydney, Chatswood, and Westmead. We provide expert treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other issues.

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Specialising in cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) for adults experiencing difficulties with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, trauma, adjustment to illness or disability, and other common issues.

We also offer therapy and assessment for children and adolescents and their families experiencing problems with anxiety, behaviour, anger, sleep, depression, ADHD and other common issues.

Our psychologists provide a comfortable, supportive, and confidential environment for their clients. Our first goal is for you to feel comfortable in exploring issues and sharing sharing your concerns, knowing that you have been heard and understood. It is in this kind of environment that client and therapist can work productively to understand problems and seek solutions. 

We emphasise the importance of using techniques that have been demonstrated as effective by independent research. The main therapeutic technique used by our clinicians is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Our Psychologists are fully registered and qualified professionals.  All are highly trained with Masters or Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology and offer a range of specialisations. All clinicians participate in ongoing professional development to keep up-to-date with the latest and most effective treatments.  


Handouts from the talk by Chris on managing dental phobia are available here to down load:

PowerPoint Presentation (dental phobia lecture slides)

Dental Phobia Talk/Assessment Checklist.pdf

Dental Phobia Talk/Hints for patients with phobias.pdf

  A new child, adolescent and family clinic as a sub-group of Basten and Associates; PSYCHSTUFF FOR KIDS.We offer specialist assessment, therapy, training for teachers, school visits.


Clinical psychologists, providing CBT, treatment and counselling throughout Sydney.